It’s so simple.

Out of the box children can’t wait to get started!

  1. Set up the reward chart, make sure it is at eye level for the little achiever.
  2. Read the book together and meet the squad!
  3. Explain that every time your little achiever makes a really heartfelt and earnest attempt in a particular character task they will earn a sticker for that character.
  4. If they try every day for a week and they collect all the stickers they will be REWARDED a badge to wear for the whole world to see.

Wear the badges on school bags straps, jumpers, jackets and hats… loud and proud because they’ve earned it! Now teacher, gran, friends and neighbours – whomever they meet – will see their badge and know they have done something really special!

A system to recognise their achievement.

Then, when they are asleep you can sit down and celebrate the fact that you have just taught your child some valuable life skills. No tears, tantrums, threats or withdrawals of their precious items. Instead you used a system to recognise their achievement! Go team!

Meet the Squad!

Each life skill is defined through a character from the Rainbow Reward Squad

  • Perry Pages
  • Hooty Mooty
  • Missy Glitzy
  • Cherry Seashore
  • Griff Wrinkles
  • Unlock the secret character!
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