Griff Wrinkles

Griff Wrinkles

All the way from Goobertown it’s our favourite green fuzz hero.

This guy is here to make sure you eat fruit and vegetables everyday – yum!

Here are some fun facts about Griff Wrinkles…

Favourite Movie: Finding Nemo

Favourite Colour: Brown – like the ground

Favourite Pastime: finding ‘Grubbies’ – small vegetable eating bugs scattered all around Goobertown, they are great friends with all the Goobers.

Favourite Food: Parsnips but he has heard about Strawberries so he is excited to try them while visiting the human world.

Biggest Fear: wind – because he lives underground he has never felt wind and worries his fur might get in his eyes and he won’t be able to see.

Best Friend: Chomp Chomp – a purple Goober.

Ambition in life: to make human children love bright coloured fur coats.

Meet the Squad!

Each life skill is defined through a character from the Rainbow Reward Squad

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  • Hooty Mooty
  • Missy Glitzy
  • Cherry Seashore
  • Griff Wrinkles
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