The Rainbow Reward Squad

This complete reward chart system is the effortless and fun way to teach your children great habits.

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The Rainbow Reward Squad

Great big habits and a little independence.

Each day that your child completes (or makes a great attempt at) a skill they earn a sticker for their chart. When they fill the chart for that skill you reward them with the characters button badge. It's never been easier to teach your child to eat their greens, brush their teeth, go to - and stay! - in bed, be neat and tidy and read more books. And there's the secret character to unlock, too!

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Each life skill is represented by a character from the Rainbow Reward Squad.

Meet Hooty Mooty!

Endorsed by Parental Pathways

“It’s a complicated task managing the combination of secure attachment and independence. The advantage of this product is it focuses parents minds on the developmental task of building a sense of agency by encouraging a task focussed approach. This product promotes the development of growth and agency by creating a sense of pleasure and joy in both parent and child engaging in the tasks.”

Parental Pathways
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What Parents Are Saying...

"Absolutely love to see initiatives like this to help parents to help their kids to independently dress themselves, wash, etc. and in general to promote positive behaviour. Its a part of education that sometimes can get lost in busy lives - it usually gets done faster if the adult does it. Children are capable of doing so much - just show them how, encourage it and reward it within reason. It was lovely to see a badge at the end as a reward as opposed to a bar of chocolate or a new expensive toy. It's healthy and modest at the same time"

Denis Griffin

"Guys I just had to message you! For the first time in over a year our daughter has not only slept in her own bed all night but this morning she picked out her own clothes, dressed herself and brushed her own teeth and washed her own face! It's been the easiest morning for me in a long time. I think I am still in shock"

Sarah Higgins

"A super product that has made our lives so much easier! Now I am actually leaving the house on time because our twins are dressing and washing themselves!"

Janet Burke

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