Cherry Seashore

Cherry Seashore

All the way from the deepest ocean it’s the fastest mermaid alive!

This mermaid is bundles of fun and super brave, often diving to the deepest darkest parts of the ocean in search of sea creatures to help – what a beauty!

Here are some facts about Cherry Seashore you won’t find anywhere else:

Favourite Movie: Splash

Favourite Colour: Bright Teal like Perry Pages fur

Favourite Pastime: tickling whale backs with willing starfish

Favourite Food: cupcakes but only as treats every now and then!

Biggest Fear: Pollution – Cherry volunteers in the ‘Free the fish’ which is a group of mermaids who find fish and mammals trapped in plastic and free them.

Best friend: Chubbs – a socially uncomfortable puffer fish

Ambition in life: to climb a human mountain as soon as she figures out how to grow legs.

Meet the Squad!

Each life skill is defined through a character from the Rainbow Reward Squad

  • Perry Pages
  • Hooty Mooty
  • Missy Glitzy
  • Cherry Seashore
  • Griff Wrinkles
  • Unlock the secret character!
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